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Goddess oil- sex goddess oil- yoni goddess oil- tantric goddess oil-jezebel sex hoodoo oil- Oshun Oil- voodoo- witchcraft-,hoodoo,voodoo. Oshun Oil. Oshun is the Goddess of love, sex, money, extravagant parties, she is the personification of love, beauty, joy and wealth. Divine Goddess Hoodoo Oil can be purchased in our spiritual medium store for those seeking to invoke her invoke her with all her sweet and alluring qualities, are seeking the permission to be sexy. We all want to be alluring and attractive to those we desire. We all deserve to look and feel and smell sexy. This oil is meant to help the user focus on the idea that often times we close ourselves off to opportunities such as love, money, business and successes due to fear, and negative thoughts. My hope is that every time the wearer smells it they are reminded that they are worthy, capable, desired and wanted. It is carefully designed to awaken sexual energy as it is intertwined with are ability to attract on all levels and in all forms. Use this oil when you are feeling doubtful, fearful, insecure to help you center your mind and your thoughts and fortify your inner spirit. This oil is made from pure essential oils and designer fragrance oils. Herbs are then allowed to soak in the oils setting free all the essence of the herbs into the oil. The finished product is a quality lushes scent set with the intentions to help the user grow-in their own spiritual quest. Use this oil on candles, spiritual work, rituals and spells or on the body. Can be diluted in a carrier oil. Color may vary slightly. This product is listed as a novelty item* Discontinue use if you have allergies. This product can be diluted with a carrier oil.

Divine Goddess Hoodoo Oil

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