The Spiritual Benefits of Bayberry Bark

Hoodoo is a natural intuitive connection between plants and people. Hoodoo is the ability to intuitively use plants for the purpose of healing and spiritual work. Hoodoo is originated amongst the Aboriginal natives of American of African decent. Although it shares some similarities among the Voodoo religion because of its origins it is a very separate philosophy. The women using Hoodoo would have been considered the earliest forms of Doctors and later became known as witches for practicing natural and spiritual intuitive potions.

In some since it can be thought of as a female centered religion in which the archetypes are typically women who have mastered the art of manipulating energy from plants on an intuitive level. It is safe to say that Hoodoo was stamped out or went "under ground" until it surfaced in some Hollywood movies who depicted it as being dark and evil.

Bayberry is derived from the Myrtle family, sometimes called wax myrtle. It is a native North American shrub and was used heavily amongst the Choctaws, Mohegans, and other Northern American Natives. The Bayberry plant has been used as both a medicinal, and for spiritual purposes. Often times the wax taken from the berries of the bayberry shrub was used to create soaps and candles. Bayberry is a great smelling plant that is highly aromatic and the roots of the shrub can be used as a natural antibiotic and in spell work.

In fact this particular plant is known to be used in a lot of African American and Native American Shaman and Hoodoo recipes. Predominately used in the wax of spiritual candles any candle anointed with Bayberry oil can work as a good substitute.

What Bayberry is used for

Typically bayberry is used to bless your house of unwanted spirits and bring, good fortune, wishes, luck and money. Bayberry is most useful when pulling in money you are owed or expecting. Needing a loan, or wanting a raise or bonus.

Bayberry oil and candles are the standard vices to use when you want to draw money-drawing into your life. The dried root, can be put into a necklace, charm, sprinkled around a certain place or burned as incense, infused in baths, oils and floor washes.

Typical Bayberry Hoodoo Traditions

One African American Hoodoo tradition is to burn a Bayberry candles on New Years eve into New Years day to bring good fortune to the coming New Year.

A few drops of Bayberry oil added to a floor wash will keep luck and fortune flowing through the house and added to a white candle will repel negative energy. Men who wear Bayberry oil can attract a partner and help persuade others.

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