Creating the ultimate altar

It may be a little confusing where to start with building your own altar, if you're having this issue here are a few things to know.

In the bible an Altar is referred to as, "God's table," a sacred place for sacrifices and gifts offered up to God and or Deity. An altar is a place to offer prayers, find focus, answers and to meditate on the purpose and destination of the soul through this life on earth. It is also a place to show respect and venerate the loved ones who are no longer with us here on the earth dimension.

“All our thoughts and ideas become a living altar to unknown Gods, without an altar our bodies become the sacrifice.”

Many find altars a place to do self-care work and work for others in need of spiritual healing which includes anything from health, love, money, jobs and world peace. There are many religions that ritually keep up with an altar as it is a mediation point between the physical world and the world of the unseen. A person who keeps an altar should be aware that he/she has designated themselves the servants of these unseen energies for their supplication and support to carry out the work needing to be done in the physical realm. When we choose to set an altar we are choosing to connect with our selves through these unseen energies which can come in many forms. Our ancestors being a very predominate form. As we give energy to our altars we give energy to our ancestors. By ritualistically engaging and enhancing our energies we are able to connect and channel these very conscious energies and strengthen the bond between the two worlds.

Whats on your altar?

Typical altars start with the most basic of elements which give power to our ancestors which exist on this subtle energy plane. On most altars you will find water, earth, fire, and a representation of some sort of wind. Water is the most potent elemental energy which bridges the gap in all worlds/ dimensions. Water is an intelligent cohesive binding agent of spirit and body. When we are consciously willing to understand these elements and allow them to speak through your altar we find the heart of the altar and its willingness to speak to its owner. These elements together we find make up not only the chemical construct of the physical body but the chemical construct of the universe as well. In actuality even though society as put a lot of social constructs on how we should think and act makes altars seem magical or spooky. This couldn't be further from the truth! The fact is that if we put everything into its proper place and allow it to be without judgement we can then see the power of nature that is within and without ourselves.

Other items you may find on an altar would be herbs pertaining to whichever "energy" you are trying to connect with. Items that once belongs to ancestors, foods, wines, cigars, crosses, etc. When building an altar it is important to find a place to ground yourself and really meditate, seeking your intuitive self and allowing that self to speak to the experience you are wanting to create. It is really all about intuition and going with your gut instinct on what to set for your altar. I find that it speaks back in a series of confirmations that if you are paying attention to, speak loud and clear.

Altars should be constructed in a clean space with clean items. This means that not only the area has to be clean but the items should be spiritually cleansed before setting your altar. I suggest that for first time altar builders you start with a table covered with a white cloth and two white glass candles. I would also suggest nine glasses of water but if space is tight one will do. It is always good to take spiritual baths and prepare your mind for setting your altar. You can place any other items you wish on your altar as well that may intuitively come to you, but water, fire, air and earth should always be a given staple to your altar. You may set your altar with a series of prayers and or intentions before, during and after setting up your altar. Spend time with it daily if possible feeding it always good intentions. There are numerous types of altars, too many to list in just this article and many of them call for different situations but a basic altar for connecting to your ancestors can start here with the above mentioned items.

Mother's Mystic Water

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